Pass every shelf life test with the quality and value of Oxy-Gon® and Oxy-Block® high performance antioxidants.

Antioxidants for food ingredient
stabilization and increased shelf life

Today's retailers expect a longer shelf life and greater stability from pet foods. However, these products often contain significant levels of fat which makes them especially susceptible to oxidation. To combat this problem, Ameri-Pac developed two high performance lines of advanced antioxidants and has become a leading supplier to the pet food and rendering industries. Pass every shelf life test with the quality, value, and technical support you need from Ameri-Pac Oxy-Gon® and Oxy-Block® antioxidants.

Oxy-Gon Antioxidant

Oxy-Gon® Naturally Sourced Antioxidants

  • Ideal for premium and super premium brands
  • Formulated with natural source tocopherols, lecithin and rosemary
  • Protects product shelf life, flavor, color, freshness and nutrient stability
  • Non-GMO liquid formula available
  • Excellent food protection at a cost effective price
  • Easily mixed into finished products/premixes

Pet owners are demanding natural ingredients in pet food products, and Oxy-Gon® can help you meet this demand while maintaining product freshness, taste and safety. Oxy-Gon® is a food-grade antioxidant made from plant-derived natural extracts. It's used for the preservation of animal fats, vegetable oils, fat soluble vitamins and other materials subject to oxidation.

Combining the best preservatives found in nature

Natural mixed tocopherols have become an important ingredient for retarding oxidation to keep food products fresh. Tocopherols are found naturally in all vegetable oils, grains, seeds and nuts. These foods contain significant proportions of highly unsaturated lipids which nature protects with tocopherols.

The composition of the mixed tocopherols in Ameri-Pac’s standard OxyGon® antioxidant line is unaltered by the manufacturing process, so you receive mixed tocopherols identical to that found in nature.

Lecithin is a natural and effective metal chelating agent and emulsifier. These synergistic properties boost the effectiveness of antioxidants.

Rosemary extract has become a popular natural preservative. That's because this well-known plant contains four powerful antioxidants: Carnosic Acid, Carnisol, Rosmarinic acid and Rosmarinol.


We offer formulations suitable for all food and feed applications, including a non-GMO liquid formula that is ideal for super premium brands.

Oxy-Gon® Powder
Oxy-Gon® Liquid
Oxy-Gon® Non-GMO Liquid
Oxy-Gon® 10P Liquid
Oxy-Gon® Rosemary Liquid

Product Specifications

Color: amber | Scent: slight rosemary
Average Specific Gravity: 0.91-0.97
Average Viscosity: 130-140 cps at 25°C (liquid formulations)


50 lb. bags (powder only), 44.1 lb. pail, 418.9 lb. drum
2116.4 lb. tote. Custom packaging also available.

Make Oxy-Gon® an integral tool for protecting the flavor, palatability and nutritive value of your products.

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Oxy-Block Antioxidant

Oxy-Block® Synthetic Antioxidant Systems

  • Excellent food protection
  • Multi-suited for application
  • Cost effective
  • Easily mixed into finished products/premixes
  • Easily accessed and readily available

Oxy-Block® is a food-grade, synthetic antioxidant line used for the preservation of animal fats, vegetable oils, fat soluble vitamins and other materials subject to oxidation. The antioxidants used in each formulation protect shelf life and control rancidity without having a direct effect on odor or flavor of the stabilized product.

Lipid peroxides generated by oxidation of fats and oils are known to exert a harmful effect. Oxy-Block® provides a safe and effective method of protecting against these harmful effects when used at recommended concentrations.

Oxy-Block® uses synthetic antioxidants such as butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) and propyl gallate to preserve fats. Most formulations also contain citric acid, a metal chelating agent that boosts the antioxidant's effectiveness.

It's important to choose the correct formulation for the fat or oil being stabilized and the method of application being used. Ameri-Pac's personnel have years of experience in this area and can help you customize a freshness protection system for your specific needs.

Oxy-Block® is an integral tool for high-quality food product performance and sustainability, and is suitable for a wide variety of food or feed applications.

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Formulations and Product Specifications


usage levels
(Weight % of
Fat or Oil)
Composition, %a
Oxy-Block 2 0.076 0.05 20 6 4
Oxy-Block 4 0.05 0.05 20 20
Oxy-Block 4B 0.1 0.05 20
Oxy-Block 7 0.05 0.035 28 12 6
Oxy-Block 8 0.1 0.05 20
Oxy-Block 20 0.1 0.05 20 10
Oxy-Block 20A 0.1 0.05 20 3
Oxy-Block 21 0.1 0.05 20 1
Oxy-Block 22 0.076 0.05 20 6 4
Oxy-Block 25 0.1 0.1 10 10 3
Oxy-Block 26 0.076 0.076 10 10 6 6
Oxy-Block R 0.1 0.05 20 20
Oxy-Block Si 0.1 0.05 20 10
Oxy-Block S2 0.1 0.05 20 1
Oxy-Block K2 0.066 0.066 6.5 20 .01
Oxy-Block K4 0.1 0.05 10 10

a Carriers used in solution formulations include corn oil, propylene glycol and/or mono- and diglycerides.
* Custom formulations are available upon request.
AAFCO regulations limit BHA, BHT, TBHQ and Probyl Gallate (PG) to 200 ppm based on fat content.

Shelf-Life Testing

As a full-service antioxidant supplier, Ameri-Pac's Laboratory Services division offers real-time and accelerated shelf-life testing at no cost to our antioxidant clients. We can determine if the correct antioxidant is being used at the correct amount, and if the quality of fat being used meets specifications. We can also check ingredients for oxidative stability to ensure that your products perform as expected. Learn more about our laboratory services.

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