Our Ameri-Mills division has the equipment and capacity to custom process bulk ingredients to
your exact specifications.

Custom Ingredient Processing

Safe Feed / Safe Food CertifiedOur Ameri-Mills division provides a wide range of specialty ingredient handling and processing services. Ameri-Mills has received the American Feed Industry Association’s Certification of Compliance under the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program.

Ingredient processing - Mixing, milling, screening

  • Mixing: We do custom blends of any volume. Blends are produced up to 4,000 pounds at a time.

  • Milling: Ameri-Mills has a Jacobson Hammer mill for milling. Hammer mill screen sizes from 1/32 up to 5/8 inch.

  • Screening options: Ameri-Mills has a Kason Centri-Sifter Screener that can screen from an 18 mesh (1000 Microns) to a 6 mesh (3360 microns). A Kek-Gardner K800C Sifter is available for higher volume (truckloads).

Ingredient re-packaging

  • Bags: 25 to 55 pound bags can be filled, sewn, palletized, and wrapped.

  • Super sack totes: Any weight up to 2,200 pounds (1,000 Kg.).

  • Bulk: We fill out-going loads into hopper bottoms or pneumatic trailers.


  • 15,000 square feet can hold product until ready for pickup.

  • Every shipment is considered to be on hold until final inspection at time of loading.

  • We store toted or bagged raw material destined for processing as well as customer packaging.

  • Bin Space: Our bins can hold up to 360 tons.

Ameri-Mills also has access to a Food Safe Rail Site and we are able to get quotes for any rail car needs.

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