Ameri-Pac can conduct on-site shelf studies, fats and oils testing, antioxidant level testing and microbial testing using industry approved methods.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory ServicesThe mission of the Ameri-Pac laboratory is to provide value added to our customers. Whether it is finished goods testing for the presence of antioxidants, or raw materials for potentially harmful substances, we aim to exceed your expectations. Our laboratory has the capability of doing onsite shelf life studies, research and development capabilities to make your ideas a reality, as well as coordination of any testing you may need outside of our scope with third party ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

We appreciate our customers, and aim to meet and exceed expectations. If you don’t see a service listed below, please inquire as to possibilities for your next project or product.


Fats / Oils testing, including:

Oxidative Stability Testing

  • Liquid and dry samples

Primary and Secondary Oxidative Degradation Testing

  • Peroxide Level measurement
  • Alkenal (Decanal) & Malonaldehyde (Hexanal) Level measurement

Hydrolytic Degradation Testing

  • Free Fatty Acid analysis

Antioxidant Level Testing in Raw Material & Finished Goods via High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Available for both natural (tocopherols) and synthetic (BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, TBHQ) antioxidants. This testing, as well as many other testing options are available at no cost to our current antioxidant customers

United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Methods include:

Loss on Drying

pH and Acidity

Residue on Ignition

Assay titrations to determine unknown percentages in a solution

Identification testing

Heavy metals

Research and Development capabilities

Laboratory sized microblends according to your specifications

Robust Shelf-life Study capabilities including various temperatures, timepoints, applications / batch sizes

Microbial testing, including:

USDA-GIPSA approved methods

  • Aflatoxin - various measurement (ppb) points available
  • Other methods available upon request

AOAC approved methods

  • Salmonella spp. Test with rapid (24 hour for low burden; 48 hour for high burden) test results

Other AOAC and USP methods available upon request.


Have a laboratory need not listed above? Contact us, and we’ll see what we can do to get you taken care of!

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