St. Joseph ranked 4th on Forbes list for farming & agribusiness

St. Joseph Post - Jun 02 2015

Ameri-Pac's hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri was recently listed by Forbes magazine as No. 4 on the list of the America’s Strongest Farming and Agribusiness Regions, reports the St. Joseph Post.

“The area has become a major center for food processing companies – particularly meat — as well as animal pharmaceuticals,” said Joel Kotkin in the Forbes article. “It’s a major hub along the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, where nearly a third of the $19 billion global animal health industry is concentrated.”

“St. Joseph is very proud of its agribusiness and animal pharmaceutical companies,” said R. Patt Lilly, president and CEO of the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce. “Our nation’s economy is strongly based in agriculture, so for Forbes to list St. Joseph as its fourth-strongest agribusiness region is a much-deserved pat on the back to our companies and employees in these fields.”

Ameri-Pac is mentioned in the St. Joseph Post article as one of the animal health companies that "help keep livestock and other animals healthy."

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