Ameri-Pac produces high quality nutritional supplements in various forms for private label distribution.

Contract manufacturing of
private label nutritional products

Ameri-Pac manufactures a wide variety of high quality nutritional supplements, including vitamins, trace minerals, nutraceuticals and probiotics. Many are produced and private-labeled to distributors' specifications.

Product Blends

  • Vitamins  (including emulsified liquid blends of Vitamins A, D & E)
  • Minerals
  • Direct-Fed Microbial products
  • Antioxidants
  • Green-Lyte Electrolytes


  • Emulsifiable Liquid A,D&E Vitamin Blends


Ameri-Pac products can be produced in powders, liquids and suspensions. They can be packaged in bags, bottles, buckets, jugs, jars and bulk totes ranging from 4 ounce packets to 275 gallon totes. Products are packaged in soft or hard sided containers. Private labels for domestic as well as international markets can be applied.

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