From companion animals to livestock, discover why top animal food brands trust Ameri-Pac with their formulation and manufacturing needs.
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Custom formulations and nutritional supplements for companion animals and livestock.
Private Label Services
Custom and private label products for veterinary purposes, as well as tablets & boluses.
Private Label Services
Custom processing of ingredients destined for further processing or final packaging.
Private Label Services

The natural choice for private label and contract manufacturing of companion pet food premixes.

Welcome to Ameri-Pac, a leading contract manufacturer of custom-made and private label petfood premixes, along with nutritional and veterinary products for the animal feed and health industries. From custom companion pet food premix formulations to animal pharmaceuticals, antioxidants and custom ingredient processing, you've come to the right place.

AntioxidantsIn addition to animal food products, our Ameri-Vet division offers a wide range of private label veterinary products for over-the-counter use. We also produce a wide variety of custom manufactured nutritional supplements, including vitamin and trace mineral supplements, nutraceuticals and probiotics.

For manufacturers interested in improving product stability, AmeriPac has developed its own line of antioxidants. Our synthetic and naturally-sourced antioxidants are designed to control oxidation and increase shelf-life of product ingredients.

Need custom blending and processing of ingredients? Our Ameri-Mills division has the equipment and capacity to custom process bulk ingredients to your exact specifications.

Ameri-Pac is a family-owned business with three generations involved in the day-to-day operations of manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to the quality, safety and security of custom formulas is why America's top petfood companies trust us to be their manufacturing partner.

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